September 26, 2015


How long should an explainer animation be?

Explainer animations are typically between 60-90 seconds. Research shows that longer animations have diminishing returns in user engagement .
Longer animations do work with a targeted audience that has a prior investment in knowing the information. After discussing your project we can advise you of what will work best.

What things can affect price?

We always seek to deliver what will work best for the message to be delivered, at the best possible price.

We can give options depending on your particular project.

The following things can affect price:
Style – some styles can be more costly to produce, for example 3D animation is generally more expensive and time-consuming than 2D but can add more cachet to a critical project.

Time – should you need rush an order through this can increase costs, please, let us know in advance of any hard deadlines; or contact us as soon as possible if your deadlines are brought forward.

Sound – we can supply excellent quality voice over artists and music, approved by you, included in the price. However if you have special requirements this could also impact costs.

Files – Typically we deliver animations as HD 1280 x 720  which is the best balance of quality and file-size for most channels and the format recommended by YouTube.  However if you want different outputs or several varying filetypes this could incur some small extra cost. All file-types are documented in the offer and we are happy to advise you of what would work best for you once we understand your project and audience

How are payments made?
Once everyone is happy with the scope of the work, price and schedule, a 50% deposit is paid to commence work.

After post-production a final payment is made. The work is delivered in agreed files sizes and all artistic copyright transfers to the client for use on any channels.

Please contact us if you would like to know anything else, we are humans and happy to chat through all parts of our process to ensure you are completely happy before starting. We are flexible and able to offer options to best accommodate your needs and budget.
We are also delighted to take onboard any suggestions on how to improve our process for you.