September 9, 2015


We create each piece individually to be the best fit for your brand, product and  message, so price is dependent on your requirements.

We know…. you want the ball park figures..


Typically animations range between £2k – £4k and take between 4 to 6 weeks to produce.


Infographics start from £960 and take from 5 days to 2 weeks to complete.


Animating your logo is usually £390 unless you require complex visual effects. Typically 3days to 1 week to complete depending, of course, on your logo.

Flat Pricing System

Once we have discussed your project we can offer you a and fixed price and schedule. Our prices are completely transparent with all inclusions detailed.
Our flat pricing system means no mission-creep and no surprises. Revisions are included within this fixed cost.


Return on investment for video is significantly higher than for print, text or other media as they are massively more likely to be shared, giving greater reach and leading to higher conversion rates.
People are much more likely to make first contact or purchase after watching a video explaining a product or service.

Further details about working with us can be found in our T&C.